The Etheria project

And what the fuck is going on ?

Unsurprisingly, after years of neglect, a lot of my infra isn't really working right anymore, shit is hard to maintain, or is simply so out-of-date/oldschool that it is becoming a pain to do anything.

To be fair, never really recovered from the hard disk crash from years ago, i was lazy and the procrastination was too high. Not all services were available again, and some were left in a sorry state after they've been brought back up. (And the rebuilt VM crash recently has put a nail in the coffin of that)

Since, other projects like have been brought up in their own way (and other stupid shit like and this very website); others (,,,, and many other ones) have not even seen the light of day

At home, the sorry state of affairs is pretty much the same; and now since the old piece of garbage called "The server" has suffered from a mechanical drive failure recently, he really should enjoy a long awaited retirement.

Finally, the internet and the web has very much changed since i started deploying some of my garbage on it in like 2004. Don't panic yet, i'm not throwing everything in the bin; but maybe it's time to do things differently, it's 2020 after all. If a year should be selected as an opportunity to break everything, yeah, that should be it.

So, starting now, pretty much everything is down (and will be redirected here), and the things that aren't are going to. Not for maintenance, not for upgrade, but for rebuild.

The Etheria project II

How do we fix this ?

Like the bitconnect guy, i'm shouting VMs (and containers) !

It may surprise you, but i have pretty much backups for everything (even the cat pictures storage crate!), some services don't really need any backup as they're gonna be either rebuilt with software of THIS side of the decade, or totally imported in/replaced by things that make sense now (like Gitea, Nextcloud or Plex for exemple)

It will take some time to get it right, but everything should be working properly, safe, and maintainable again !

During the years, a lot of stuff have been running from home, then some were migrated to dedicated servers since either the availability, bandwith, security and/or legal concerns have been raised since the start. After all that, some were even migrated to their own VM. Yeah, it's a mess.

You cannot have missed that, now with the global availability of fiber, and the relative cheapness of hardware and convenience of virtualisation/containerization it's easy enough to host most of my garbage myself and pretty unnessary to keep like 3 dedicated servers and 6 vms hosted on various providers across several countries.

Now tools are more plentiful than ever and orchestration and deployment is pretty easy, i could archive a lot of stuff in a static form, and automate and harden the rest. I could get more sleep ! (and more importantly trash away a lot of the old config files and my god awful bash scripts !)

The Etheria project III

What's the plan then ?

I won't disclose *everything*, obviously, but the design should be something like that:

Etheria would be the main hypervisor; seconded by Shera the main routing/firewall (FreeBSD).

All the big web things would be served from one of three vms (Adora, Glimmer and Bow, probably running either Debian or Freebsd with jails)

The other stuff would be served by their own thing (Mermista, Perfuma, Spinnerella, Netossa and Frosta; running Debian for consistency)

For the SEC side of things, you won't be surprised that they would be Catra, Scorpia, Hordak and ShadowWeaver. (Kyle, Lonnie and Rogelio are probably going to be disposable vms)

For the support crew (Bastion, Oob, Storage, Backup, Reverse proxy and such) they'll probably will be dedicated hardware, and will be named as such.

The Etheria project IV

Where do we are now ?

This section will contain relevant dated updates on the project. If there is no update for like a week, it is probably because i'm procrastinating like the fucking cat that i am. Please use the twitter link at the bottom of the page to come yell at me (or show me your cats, that works too :3)

Update 1 - 09/09/2020: • Drew the crappy schema • Checklist • Backups located • Things named (most important part tbh) • ???? • Made and hosted this fucking website

Update 2 - 11/09/2020: • Located the POC hw • Testing some proxmox • Playing Sea of theives

Update 3 - 23/09/2020: • Yeah i'm procrastinating, no shit • Testing hugo • Doing some vhosts and dns shits